Stories from
August, 2010

She sat next to the old man. “Closer,” he said. She let him touch her. She wanted to see the baby pony that was born in the night.

Christine Cavalier (@PurpleCar) is a writer from Philadelphia, PA.

I’ve never heard my dad say lesbian. I’m supposed to believe that my aunt built a house and adopted two foster children with her roommate.

Adrienne Bard is an undergraduate student at Emerson College and grew up in Albany, NY.

“You’ve lost weight,” the video-store man said.
“Thanks,” I said. “Lots of salad.”
I told my wife and she said, “They always say that.”

Charles Newbery is a freelance journalist based in Buenos Aires.

Fear zippers Dan’s mouth when I ask about his son. It’s the sleeping, waiting. In bed, I wrap my body around his, bring him into me, silent.

Laura Whitney’s fiction is in Annalemma, Word Riot, Storyglossia, and other journals.

The villagers who lived under the statue of the Great Leader often wondered what the world beyond it looked like, and whether it had a sun.

Jonathan Pinnock (@jonpinnock aka @RealMrsDarcy) is. For the moment, at any rate.

She put the sword down as she looked into his eyes, she still didn’t recognize him but she knew she should. Maybe she still had a choice.

Chad Ewers has probably written a song about you.

There are Pros and Cons to being in human form. For instance, in their bodies we are innately compelled toward progression.

Jaebi is just another existential brief incarnation known this time around as the Literary Artist.

I hid in the museum, slept beneath mammoth bones. The cop called my mom. Nothing.

Christopher Mohar is severely interested in meat, as a concept.

Never underestimate a woman scorned. Her ability to recall details is dead-on balls accurate and she knows where the bodies are buried.

Kathleen A. Ryan (@katcop13) is a retired police officer who blogs at Women of Mystery.

“You’re a sociopath,” he said. She tried to keep a straight face, but a rogue giggle escaped. “It’s funny,” she said, “because it’s true.”

JJ Sheffer (@bustedjj) is a perfect angel who lives and writes in York, PA.