Stories from
October, 2011

When they cut my head off and sent it to me for ransom, I didn’t respond. But, it was a nice gesture, and that goes a long way with me.

David James Knight (@KnightDavidJ) is a wayward wordsmith moonlighting as a target.

“Show me on the doll where the bad man touched you,” the doctor says. The girl looks puzzled.

“He didn’t. Mommy did.”

Jamie Rosen writes, whether he likes it or not.

The flipped kayak stuck between two rocks in the river seemed normal alongside the feverish attempts of the men to get what was under it.

Kevin Smiley is a sociologist who is not currently working on his term paper as he should.

She stared into the sky without eyes. She saw them coming with their fire, and still she did not warn anyone.

Justine McGreevy is an ever recovering perfectionist, sometimes writing writer currently living in Fairhaven, MA.

She held firm when he told her she was too fat to do better than him, but when she couldn’t pull the ring over her knuckle, she wept.

Philip Simondet wrote this just for you. Thank him.

He had her name tattooed on his arm when they were engaged. Now he grit his teeth, braced himself, and began crossing it out.

Austin Rory Hackett loves pinball, poetry, and pictionary.

The land shook; mountains and rivers burst into life. Trapped in her sensory deprivation chamber, Jess began to reconstruct a better world.

Zach Lome (@kuraiou) makes volcanoes out of molehills in Chicago.

The next time it was a cracked rib. She told him the doctor had also found a suspicious lump. “So I did you a favor then,” was all he said.

Susan Howe is a purveyor of short and even shorter stories. She lives in England.

They were back. I hid once more in the attic. Throwing open every door they searched the house for a second child hidden in the shadows.

Kaitlyn Elizabeth is sometimes an upcoming writer-to-be and a student in a classroom.

With the slant of sun through the window they touched. Light fades. He leaves. It ends like this, always. The bedroom in dark.

Iain Maloney (@iainmaloney) drank way too much coffee today.