Stories from
November, 2011

Her puppy grew up. She made a wish and blew. Its fur scattered to the wind, leaving just its heart-seed, which she planted in a clay pot.

Shannon Wendt lives in New Mexico with her husband and five rescued dogs.

They don’t have the time to love each other or to find anything better. They’ve known each other for so long, and that counts for something.

Frankie Romano is a twenty-year-old hypochondriac with a skateboard she’s never learned to ride.

We took a troubled child from your world and gave him absolute power over a land of magic. Still, the reign of terror surprised us.

Sean Vivier teaches when he isn’t writing.

When I cry, she hits harder.

Steven Stark is the author of four books and one e-book. He has contributed to a variety of publications.

Sitting in his boat, the idyllic scenery calmed him. Satisfied, he began to row back to shore content the body would not float up.

Ian Glass is a English and Humanities major at University of Colorado.

“Actions speak louder than words,” she said. “Prove it,” he said. So she went and got a tattoo: WORDS DON’T MEAN SHIT.

Laura DeHaan communicates like the mighty bee, in odor cues and waggle dances.

He had the crone curse every man in the castle with deadly plague. As he crested the wall, he wished he’d mentioned the women, too.

Sean Vivier’s last name is pronounced like Vivian but with an R.

Each year we were taught from new marketing books we were obliged to buy. Their content did not differ much. Only then did I understand.

Evert Asberg lives and works in Europe.

The developer could talk until his tongue fell out, but the farmer only saw the soil his father tilled. Though, his boy lived in the city.

Joseph S. Pete owns a fedora, but seldom wears it.

She sits still as he gathers his things. He thinks he hears her say “wait” as he closes the door. Maybe.

Courtney Caughey works as a communications professional and photojournalist. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English.