Stories from
October, 2012

Disguised as a bum, Christ lay on a sidewalk. People hurried by except for one little girl.

“I like your disguise, Athena,” he told her.

Phil Temples is a product of the Midwest, but he now lives in Boston. He’s written fantasy/scifi short/flash fiction for over ten years.

The eggs make a yellow smear on my plate. Why do they make me eat at this restaurant every day and why do they never cook the yolks?

S.D. Rhinewald likes to write, eat, watch hockey, sleep…and then do it all again.

She was surprised. No one had asked for her name before.

Danny Dunlavey is a student.

Nineteen real wax candles adorned his birthday cake.  An extravagance, he knew, but it was tradition to honor the oldest of the elders.

Dan Hart can almost count to twenty on one hand. He also writes fiction.

The Time Traveler released the plague on Cro-Magnon Man. See if the Neanderthals could do any better.

Sean Vivier is a teacher and writer from central Connecticut.