Stories from
February, 2015

Airliner trails streaked the blue sky, impossibly high, flying to unknown lands. Ang kept her eyes on her field, not daring to dream.

@SimonKewin is the pseudonym used by an infinite number of monkeys who write from a secret location in the English countryside.

When you grabbed my arm and pushed me into the vestibule I wasn’t scared. It had been years since you’d touched me so deliberately.

Michael O’Neill is a fiction and poetry writer residing in Chicago.

He was captured in the ocean of the well-endowed. Sired sixteen, killed three humans—they still won’t let him go. The audience loves him.

Alisa Golden is also reading Moby Dick.

I didn’t mean to call the black candles in the paper bag tacky. You brought them to my party ten years ago. I think of it every so often.

Patti Flynn lives in New Haven, CT with her 2 imaginary Siamese cats. Many people—ok 2—have been charmed by her amazing doodles.