The fact that you’ve had the hotline number memorized for the past two weeks probably means you’re not being melodramatic.

R. Gatwood is concise.

That night was an envelope I didn’t open. You wriggled through the back door, got married and died before I had the chance to say hello.

@JasonAbbate lives somewhere on the east coast. He is fascinated by the presence and absence of narratives and realities.

The paramedics sent her last text: itsyours.

Adam Dwyer lives in Toronto with a girl and two cats, and shares a birthday with Mickey Spillane.

There was a disagreement. She blamed it on the alcohol, he blamed the fact that she called. Now they had to agree on a name.

Adam Christopher (@bitesizedAC) is a writer who’s never have the good fortune of being mistaken for successful or clever.

The old man frowns at the encyclopedia and swipes neatly with a pen. A thousand miles away, an obscure mountain top abruptly grows ten feet.

Daniel Galef (@DanielGalef) makes emends.

I never had arthritis, but my husband did. It wasn’t mentioned in the will, but I feel like Frank would have wanted me to have it.

Daniel Galef has a Twitter account, @DanielGalef.

The leak in the ceiling remains, which he said he would take care of when he got back. It drips, and forms an invisible stalagmite of hope.

Daniel Galef (@DanielGalef) is not responsible for the actions of fictional characters.

Becalmed; sails, limp and lifeless. A hundred and fifty men near starved. But, three weeks later, a miracle: all hundred men have survived.

Daniel Galef (@DanielGalef) is exquisite in red sauce and best paired with a subtle rose.

July is our third author spotlight month and features four stories by Daniel Galef (@DanielGalef).

When she couldn’t walk anymore, I sat on her lap and she stroked my ears. She never hit me. Her son thinks he owns me now. He smells bad.

Pat Tompkins writes from California.