The agent knew the only way to survive this. He made his way to the nearest superheroes, and he made sure they knew his name.

Sean Vivier teaches for a living.

I had sinned twice more than Joan, but they let me tag along. At the end of the day, I was a Christian.

Danielle Abramsohn writes stories shorter than she is.

On my way to the home, I pick a hemlock flower to add to the bouquet. He still laughs at our old running jokes, when I explain them.

R. Gatwood is concise.

The girl took a selfie with the pop star through a telepresence robot and went back to her hospital bed with a print, forgetting her pain.

S. Kay is a compassionate @blueberrio.

My father once jumped over fences like an Olympic hurdler to reach his son with the broken arm, breathless. The fences are too high now.

Brett Milam writes flash fiction, poetry and editorials, mostly while hooked up to a coffee IV. He’s obsessed with his dog, Dallas.

I sailed down the creek in a tiny rowboat using torn bible pages as my map. I never did find that garden.

Michael O’Neill is a fiction and poetry writer residing in Chicago.

The birds stopped in the sky & I saw the men who move between moments. They sang & prepared the lake where my kid sister was about to drown.

@saladinahmed is the author of the Hugo & Nebula-nominated fantasy novel Throne of the Crescent Moon. He lives near Detroit.

It wasn’t the ruby slippers I wanted. It was Kansas and Auntie Em and true friends for the road, but most of it all it was the little dog.

Jennifer Howard (@JenHoward) lives and writes in Washington, D.C.

No one is watching how I weep into the earth, thought Abel as his brother’s cudgel fell again, that now there is neither one God nor many.

Stephen Orloske moaned upon an apple tree yesterday, because he’d nicked his finger with pruners.

This story was the winner of our 5-year Anniversary contest.

Their cool fingertips meet, then the cold metal rings are on. The bride and groom share a chaste kiss, each thinking of the other’s brother.

Monica Wang Internets in Vancouver, Canada.