“Follow the rainbow to the pot of gold,” a woman said to herself as she waited for a car under the neon lights.

John Siebelink is a college student. He has been an aspiring writer for 20 years.

Q: Looking back, how did it feel to be a famous photographer?

A: Like you, kid. I saw pain and suffering, focused my lens on it.

Stephen Delaney isn’t a big fan of real life, but he’s glad it gives material for fiction. He tweets as @marginalwords.

She did not weep because her purity had been stolen, but because it was now her dear sister who would be sacrificed to the gods.

Alex Barry can stop writing whenever he wants.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but I was a new software engineer, and the bug needed to be fixed right away.

Pratibha Kelapure is a person.

Alaska, he said, counting out the money. His children were tired, but Dad was so happy they believed one more time.

Derek Dexheimer (@dex3703) gives his report at dex3703.wordpress.com. He is working on a novel.

After you found out your brother died, the first thing I said to you was, “I thought I told you not to call me.”

Jennifer Brush loves ketchup. She also loves catsup.

Facing me are hollow eyes and a down turned mouth. “Cheers.” Glass clinks and we drink before hiding our bottles beneath the bathroom sink.

If Delia Strange was in a relationship with her writing, the status would be “It’s complicated.”

A scream is not a rooster, not in this neighborhood. It won’t bring me out of bed. I have work in three hours. Goodnight.

Spencer Nitkey is an eclectic teenager with very little certainty about where life will take him. All he knows is that he is excited.

Gathering the envelopes (second, third, final notice) from the rug thick with dust, she pauses on last year’s sun-bleached catalog.

Jennifer Ray Morell (@heyjenray) is a writer and student. She lives in Queens, New York.

Seven guns fire three times and Jane collects a flag.

Courtney Stafford is a student at the University of Colorado.