Dog, alone of the animals, followed Adam out of the Garden. Don’t be angry when he digs up your garden—he only searches for your lost rib.

Gordon Brown is an ex-pat recently moved to the US from Syria. He spends his free time taking care of his pets, of which he has none.

I told you I didn’t need a ride home. It’s dark and cold, and the bus is late, but I haven’t felt this safe in months.

Jennifer Kalison (@RagingFluffy) performs, writes, wonders, and ponders.

The boy blinks up at the man, cheek stinging. He turns away from the rattling dice, already inventing excuses his mother will not believe.

Chris Cole lives in Canberra. Loves include short form literature, xc skiing, crepes cooked JUST right, & staring at the night sky.

She said she would teach him to change a diaper after recovering. But now he’ll have to figure it out alone, along with everything else.

M.G. Juelle is a Creative Writing student at Florida International University that likes to keep it short and sweet.

Democracy creates fools, who make other fools rule them. Ultimately it fails… we assume. Please, overlord, support more excavations.

Evert Asberg (@EvertAsberg) lives and works in Europe.

“As I grow older,” he told the young man, “I forget things. Like why I ever got married.”

“Me,” the young man reminded him.

David Galef is just another form of the author.

She was so busy berating the waitress for the wrong order she never saw her boyfriend get down on one knee, then slink back into his seat.

Greg Hill searches for meaning and syllepses.

His taste in clothes had changed: cashmere turtleneck, skinny jeans. By the time he ordered wine, she knew he’d never be hers again.

Jonathan Huston commutes between Los Angeles, Liechtenstein, and

He only wears the wedding ring around his mistress. He got it at a pawn shop by his apartment and liked the sound of the name on the inside.

Daniel Galef has a website.

The tour guide pointed at landmarks but my eyes were on the dancing woman in the window. She swayed in place with a smile I hope I remember.

Zane Castillo is a short distance runner.