Stories from
November, 2016

She drove along the thickly settled road, wishing she had less time
free time to think and could spend more time mindlessly running

Helen Colby enjoys the satisfaction of completing four errands in the
time it usually takes to do three.

I can’t tell if the reflection in the tears in your eyes is the
moon or my phone as I text my new lover and tell you to go on,
without me.

S. Kay (@blueberrio) is the author of
Reliant (tNYPress, 2015)
Joy (@MaudlinHouse, 2016).

The groom and the mother of the bride skillfully danced to a waltz. Had they practiced?

Sarah Vernetti lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The night Mom died, Dad and I bought fried chicken on the way home from the hospital. We ate, stared at the bones, silently.

Alex Z. Salinas lives in San Antonio, Texas.

She hated how they talked in whispers at her bedside, brought flowers instead of baby toys, silently corrected her ‘whens’ to ‘ifs’.

Louise Carey is a professional worrywart, but sometimes writes instead. She tweets flash fiction @louisecarey25.